Norwegian Escape 2017 – Day 2 (Sea Day)

Norwegian Escape 2017 – Day 2 (Sea Day)

I woke up early today to watch the sun rise. I ordered in-suite breakfast the night before. The french toast was delicious, and the sky presented a perfect background for a good photo.


Later on, around 9, I went up to Garden Cafe and brought back some pancakes and waffles to the room to try them out, since Garden Cafe is just up two decks of us. The waffles were good, and the pancakes were okay, but were nothing exceptional compared to previous cruise experiences.

After breakfast and a little time on the balcony, I got dressed and headed out for the day.

I went to 678 Ocean Place, and then to the area with the large TV and guest services, shore excursions desk, etc. Our CD, Andre, was hosting a Q & A with the Hotel Department staff. He has done many activities already with the guests and seems to be well-liked.

After listening to some Q & A, I walked in Teppanyaki, a specialty restaurant featuring Japanese cuisine prepared in front of you, and Le Bistro, a specialty restaurant featuring French cuisine.

Both restaurants are nice inside and seem to be good choices for specialty dining.

After walking around for a little bit, I decided to come back to the room and lay in a lounger on the balcony (one of the perks of having a Haven aft stateroom).

After about 45 minutes, I headed up to Garden Cafe for lunch, and I brought back Vegetable Lo Mein. Overall, Garden Cafe has a decent variety of food options and the quality seems to be up to par compared to other ships I’ve sailed on.

I ate lunch in my stateroom, and then laid out on the balcony for a while. At 3:30, I went up to the pool deck to try out some of the water slides. The Aqua Racer was unique and fun. The yellow slide was a little bit slower, but still worth it. I even went on the small red water slide, and the second half of it is more exciting than parts of the yellow slide. I did each slide once or twice, and then returned to my room balcony.

After another hour on the balcony, I decided to walk around some more and take pictures.

I went into Moderno and Cagney’s Steakhouse. Both were nice inside. I also went outside and walked around the Waterfront. I stumbled upon La Cucina, another specialty restaurant serving Italian food. It was fancy inside and had outdoor seating.

Later on, I went up to Decks 19 and 20 to see Vibe Beach Club and the surrounding decks. At 6:45, I headed back to the room to get ready for the Captain’s Cocktail Reception at 7 in the Haven Courtyard.

After the reception, we headed to Cagney’s, where we had dinner reservations. At first, I was disappointed because the menu was very similar to the Haven restaurant menu. However, I was pleasantly surprised.

I got a Caesar Salad (no anchovies), Surf & Turf (an 8 oz. filet mignon medium rare, jumbo shrimp, and sautéed zucchini).  Everything was amazing.  Service was once again a little slower than usual, but our waitress sent us dessert to our room without being asked, which was a really nice gesture.  She also waived the charges for those in our party who weren’t included in the specialty dining package.

After dinner, I went back to the Haven Lounge & Courtyard. I had the entire Courtyard to myself, including the two hot tubs and pool.  I spent about an hour here for this reason, especially since this was the first time I had utilized the Haven Courtyard (drawback of having an aft stateroom).

The last thing I did before I returned back to my stateroom was walk around the ship some more. I always find something I didn’t see before. On a ship like Escape, I recommend walking around and exploring what there is to do.

Finally, I returned to my stateroom and called it a night.

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