Norwegian Escape 2017 – Day 3 (Roatan)
Norwegian Escape docked in Roatan, Honduras

Norwegian Escape 2017 – Day 3 (Roatan)

I started my day off with breakfast at the Haven restaurant. I got waffles with fresh berries. Unfortunately, we were getting close to Roatan, our first port of call, and I had to leave after ordering my food in order to film our arrival from the Haven Sundeck.

Haven Restaurant
Haven Sundeck

After the ship docked, I went back into the Haven restaurant to see if my family was still there, but they had already finished their meal and left. My waitress saw me and flagged me down. She was nice and had kept my food warm in the kitchen, and brought it out for me. The waffles were good, and the berries were a nice touch. If you are a Haven guest, I recommend eating at the Haven restaurant instead of Garden Cafe for most meals, regardless of whether you have a forward or aft balcony. The quality of the food at the Haven restaurant is better in my opinion.

Breakfast waffle with fresh berries

Later on, it started raining, and our Cruise Director came over the PA system and told us that it would just be a short shower. I decided that since we didn’t have any excursions booked and weren’t on a schedule, I would go on the water slides after it stopped raining. When I went out on deck to get to the water slide area, I noticed that NCL was in the process of filming something, and there were legal notice signs posted around the area about being on camera.

After I went through each slide a couple of times, they closed the area for a brief period of time for filming. I think someone went down the Aqua Racer with a camera as part of the filming, because there was a large waterproof bag around a camera near the slide (but I digress).

Around lunch time we decided to disembark the ship and stay in the local port area. We went into a few gift shops, but saw nothing we wanted. A man was selling paintings at a kiosk outside of one shop, and showed us one he painted of the ship. We ended up buying it. They took the canvas off of the wooden frame, and rolled the painting up for us. We went back to the pier and I got a few pictures of the ship as we boarded.

Norwegian Escape docked in Roatan, Honduras

When we got back on the ship, we headed to O’ Sheehan’s for lunch. The nachos appetizer and fajitas were delicious.

O’ Sheehan’s menu

About an hour after lunch, it started raining again. It got windy as well. It rained off and on for a couple of hours, so I decided that it would be best to spend my afternoon at the Haven Courtyard, which is enclosed and air conditioned (no rain, no humidity!). The pool is great, and the hot tubs are always occupied, but not crowded.

Yesterday, our butler, Jefferson, asked us if we wanted him to bring food or drinks each day to our room, and of course we said yes. When we returned to our room, we had mini PB&J sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, M&Ms, and some other finger foods provided on behalf of our concierge team and butler.

Snacks & fingerfoods courtesy of our Concierge team and Butler

We had two more hours before we departed Roatan, and I decided to once again do the water slides. This time, I tried the Aqua Loop slides. They seem intimidating, but aren’t scary when you’re in them. The floor drops out from under you unexpectedly, and the first 3 seconds occur in a flash. The rest of the slide is a little bit slower than the first part, but there’s water in your face, and before you know it, you’re done. These are fun to try and there is rarely a line for these.

Sailing away from Roatan, Honduras

As we departed Roatan, our Captain came over the PA system and told us a little information about what our speed tonight would be and the ETA for Harvest Caye tomorrow morning. We will only be doing about 12 knots and will arrive at Harvest Caye around 6:30-7:30 tomorrow morning.

I decided that tonight would be a good night to do dinner at Garden Cafe. My food wasn’t great, but the pasta and Caesar Salad stations are nice to have (the kitchen staff let you choose your kind of pasta & sauce; what kind of meat on your salad, if any, and they mix it in front of you). For some reason, the pizza so far has not been good, so I recommend getting something else. I ended my night a little early by returning to my room at 10:30 and watching a movie.

Garden Cafe
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