Norwegian Escape 2017 – Day 4 (Harvest Caye)
Norwegian Escape docked at Harvest Caye

Norwegian Escape 2017 – Day 4 (Harvest Caye)

We got to Harvest Caye earlier than expected, and I woke up just in time to film our arrival. I ate at the Haven restaurant again for breakfast, and got waffles. They were just as good as they were yesterday.

Norwegian Escape docking at Harvest Caye

Our excursion (Flighthouse Ziplines) required us to be at the Flighthouse at 9:50am. For anyone who plans on taking a GoPro with them on the ziplines, I recommend using a head mount, because the helmets have special small plastic clamps (similar to a baseball cap clip mount, but built into the helmet) around where the mount goes, and they also allow you to use some of their GoPros and mounts (but probably for a fee). The ziplines were fun, and a cool way to see the island from above. I highly recommend doing this as an excursion.


After finishing the ziplines, we went to the beach just to cool off for 15 minutes (it was a hot and humid day for October). We then headed back to the ship for lunch, since we didn’t want to have to buy lunch on the island when we didn’t plan on doing anything else there anyways.

Norwegian Escape docked at Harvest Caye

When we got back on the ship, I went to Garden Cafe and brought lunch back to the room and ate it. After lunch, I was tired and took a long nap. I woke up in time to film us departing Harvest Caye. We then had 45 minutes to get ready for our dinner reservation at Teppanyaki.

Wake as we departed Harvest Caye
Harvest Caye pilot boat

Teppanyaki serves Japanese cuisine, and is similar to hibachi restaurants at home where they cook in front of you. However, at Teppanyaki, the chefs are more personable and really did a great job preparing our food. You are allowed one entree (Shrimp, Filet Mignon, Chicken) or one combination entree (Filet and chicken, Filet and Shrimp, Scallops and Calamari). Everyone is served soup, a salad, rice and vegetables. I got the Filet and Shrimp as my entree, but our chef gave me an extra scallop left over.

Teppanyaki menu

My meal was very good. The rice is served in bowls instead of on plates, the soup had tofu in it, which I’ve never had before; the salad had seaweed and a variety of other ingredients, and the vegetables were not mixed in with the rice. Additionally, dessert was your choice of fresh fruit or green tea flavored cake & ice cream. All of these things made Teppanyaki a little different than what you might find where you live, and I recommend trying it out on a cruise so that you can at least say you did it and enjoyed yourself.

Teppanyaki experience

After dinner, I went back to the room and then went to the Haven Sundeck. At night, the deck chairs aren’t laid out, but the hot tub is still open, and it was nice to have a breeze. Later on, I went into the Courtyard, got in the pool, and laid in a lounger in the wading area.

Soda by the Haven pool

At 9:45, I left the Haven and walked around the ship, and eventually back to my room. I ended my Tuesday laying in a lounger on the balcony, listening to the ship’s propellers and watching occasional lightning light up the night sky.

Towel animal

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