Norwegian Escape 2017 – Day 5 (Costa Maya)
Walking around in Costa Maya

Norwegian Escape 2017 – Day 5 (Costa Maya)

I woke up a little later than I did yesterday, since we would be arriving to Costa Maya a little later than we arrived at Harvest Caye. Unfortunately, I slightly misjudged the arrival time, and ended up running across the ship to get good GoPro footage of our arrival.

After we docked, I knew I had just enough time for breakfast in the Haven Restaurant before other ships arrived. I ordered waffles with berries again, as this was now my favorite breakfast item on the ship.

Breakfast waffle with fresh berries at the Haven Restaurant

Soon after breakfast, MSC Divina came into view, and I watched her dock while recording with my GoPro. In case you haven’t figured out by now, I record pretty much every moment of my cruise on my GoPro cameras.

MSC Divina docking in Costa Maya

After MSC Divina docked, I went to the Haven Courtyard for some quiet time before Carnival Fantasy arrived. I noticed that NCL once again had cameras set up and were in the process of shooting a commercial with models laying in chairs in the wading pool.

NCL camera in Haven Courtyard for filming ad

UPDATE: After a couple of months of being home, I noticed an NCL commercial on TV, featuring the clip of the Courtyard with the same models. I had halfway expected to see this and had been looking around for a new ad from Norwegian, but it was definitely cool to have watched them shoot.

The last ship to dock was Carnival Fantasy. Upon a look at various areas of the outside of the ship, I concluded that Fantasy looked rough compared to the last time I saw her, in May 2016, fresh out of drydock. However, I will say that Fantasy is an older ship, the oldest in the Carnival fleet, and Carnival has done a good job of adding updated amenities and dining options to keep guests happy.

Carnival Fantasy
Painting and cleaning needed on the funnel
Windows replaced temporarily with plywood by the mini golf

Although I didn’t mention this in my Day 2 post, during the cocktail party on the second night of the cruise, the Captain invited me to tour the bridge while we would be docked in Costa Maya at 2pm.

For this reason, overcast weather, and because we had no planned excursions, we disembarked the ship for 30 minutes, just enough to get pictures of the ships in port and to quickly walk around the port shopping area.

Walking around in Costa Maya
Shopping area right off the pier
Norwegian Escape and Carnival Fantasy

The water in Costa Maya was very clear and blue during our time there. When considering what port to do a snorkeling excursion in, I would recommend Roatan, Costa Maya, or Cozumel. Harvest Caye had muddy water around it (possibly from the stir up of the ship when docking; there was a clearance of about 2 meters between the bottom of the ship and the sea floor).

Beautiful water in Costa Maya, right off the pier

After we got back on the ship, it was time for a bridge tour. The Captain and Officers on duty showed us the various parts of the bridge, the different types of controls, safety centers, and explained what all of the different controls did. They encouraged pictures, which I was not expecting. I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the bridge, and soon after our bridge tour, it was time to depart and head to our last port of call, Cozumel.

Norwegian Escape bridge
Carnival Fantasy docked beside and MSC Divina docked behind Norwegian Escape, as seen from bridge wing
Captain Niklas Persson of the Norwegian Escape on the bridge

We had some pier runners, a first in my cruise experiences. Usually no one wants to hang around in Nassau for too long, and it’s virtually impossible to be late on a private island such as Castaway Cay or Harvest Caye. There were no pier runners in Roatan likely because of weather.

Pier runners in Costa Maya

After departing, we headed to Savor for dinner. Unfortunately, my camera died before our Appetizer came. Savor was the first main dining room I had eaten in on Escape, since I’d previously eaten at the Haven Restaurant, Cagney’s, Garden Cafe, and Teppanyaki. From this experience, I’d give Savor an 7.5 out of 10 for service, quality, menu, and decor.


After dinner, I walked around the ship some more with my GoPro, but didn’t take any pictures with my Sony camera, which is what I use for pictures on this page. I eventually went to bed, excited for our last port of call and our final excursion.

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