Norwegian Escape 2017 – Day 7 (Sea Day)
Norwegian Escape's ropes course

Norwegian Escape 2017 – Day 7 (Sea Day)

I woke up around 8am today. It wasn’t a port day, so I had no set time I had to be up by. I went to Garden Cafe and brought breakfast back to the room, since our stateroom is only 2 decks below Garden Cafe. It is much more convenient to eat in the comfort of your own room with an amazing view in my opinion.

After eating my pancakes and waffles, I cleaned up our room and got all of my stuff together. It is much more peaceful to have one last relaxing afternoon than to spend it packing. I gathered all of my camera gear together, put all of my clothes in my suitcase, and headed out to once again explore the ship. If you’re serious about seeing literally every area on the ship, I suggest printing out deck plans for each deck, and hi-lighting each area as you explore the ship. I just thought of this idea, and will definitely do it on future cruises.

After exploring the ship and some of its many amenities, I tried out the ropes course. This is the last time I will wait until the last day to try something new on the ship. Two cruises ago, aboard Carnival Sunshine, I waited until the last day to try out one of the waterslides, and unfortunately that day the slide was closed for maintenance. Today, due to high winds, the 3rd story and all of the major ziplines on the ropes course were closed all day. Although NCL staff checked wind speeds throughout the day, they were never able to reopen the ziplines or the 3rd story. This was disappointing, since some of the ziplines are the highlight of the ropes course experience. Regardless, I still enjoyed the ropes course, and consider Escape’s ropes course to be among the finest at sea; considerably better, longer, and more exciting than Carnival Sunshine’s.

Norwegian Escape’s ropes course

While on the ropes course, I noticed Harmony of the Seas on the horizon.

Harmony of the Seas on the horizon

After the ropes course, I went back to Garden Cafe, grabbed lunch, and headed back to our stateroom. I ate lunch while recording a timelapse with my GoPro mounted on the balcony.

I spent some time at the Haven during the afternoon, and also checked on the ropes course to see if they had reopened the closed areas, although, as stated earlier, they hadn’t.

The Haven Restaurant, one of the areas exclusive to Haven guests

After the Haven, it was getting close to sunset, and I went to the lifeboat deck to video a timelapse of us sailing. I noticed that it was really windy and the waves were rough at times, but the ship handled it well.

Dinner tonight was at Taste, one of the main dining rooms on the Escape. Once again, I didn’t take a picture of the menu, so I’m not sure of what I ordered [cream of broccoli, potato gnocchi, duck], but it was good overall. I’d rate Norwegian Escape’s main dining a 7 out of 10 for service, menu, decor, and food quality. I wish the menu was better and had more options. Additionally, Savor and Taste are across from each other, and therefore are very similar in layout and decor. I prefer each dining room to be unique and to have its own menu (with a possible second menu in each dining room on sailings that are 7+ nights), as opposed to having a set menu each night that is the same throughout all three MDRs. In other words, according to NCL dining staff, on any given night all MDRs will feature the same menu, and there are different menus used throughout the cruise.

After dinner, I went around the ship one last time for pictures and GoPro footage. I then returned to the room to finish packing and go to sleep.

Haven Courtyard
Staircase in 678 Ocean Place
Norwegian Escape’s chandelier
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